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Using a random forest classifier to predict Bitcoin price fluctuations using activity from the richest Bitcoin addresses


There is no shortage of recent articles and hype surrounding cryptocurrencies. Currencies like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and others provide celebrities and seasoned and amateur investors alike with an opportunity to amass life-changing amounts of wealth. Tesla has even turned its $1.5B investment in Bitcoin into $1B in profit!

Those who buy and sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are assigned addresses to track their transactions on the blockchain. The disparity in the distribution of balances for these addresses is quite large — so much so…

An Exploratory Data Analysis of Airbnb Listing Data


My life, along with the lives of 6.5 billion others, was upended almost one year ago when COVID-19 began to force massive citywide closures. Major cities were arguably hit hardest, and New York was no exception. What was once a bustling metropolis quickly became a post-apocalyptic ghost town. Like many others, I fled and now reside in sunny California, though I admire those who stayed.

I can technically live anywhere in the US, thanks to a flexible work-from-home policy enacted by my employer. And I’m not alone — other companies throughout…


Former consultant | Emotion AI | Analytics Software | Skiing, Golf, Mountain Biking, and French Bulldogs

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